Fun Employee Q&A!

August 7, 2018

We are starting a new blog post once a month that features an employee here at Haugaard Creative! We will feature a Q&A along with some fun photographs. This month’s employee will be Kristen Sullivan who is one of our designers! Learn more about Kristen below. 



Name: Kristen Sullivan


Hometown: Born and raised in Wauconda, IL but moved to Barrington, IL when I reached high school.


College: American Academy of Art

What are your favorite hobbies?
Sometimes I feel like I have too many random hobbies to count. My main ones are reading, writing, drawing, attempting to cook, binge watching Korean Rom-coms, and enjoying time with friends.


What lead you to Haugaard Creative?
After I graduated college, my school had a portfolio night where I met Jose and Linda. They said that they were looking for an intern and I’d always loved packaging so I applied. When my internship ended I was lucky enough to be offered a full time position as a designer!

What is your favorite food?
Anything barbeque 

Why do you love working at Haugaard Creative? 
The atmosphere here is something you don’t find very often. We’re like one big, creative family. Everyone is super supportive and we feed off of each other’s ideas, making it a really easy work environment. Not to mention, the projects we work on are pretty exciting. I really love being able to walk down a grocery store isle and find something I’ve worked on. 

What were you like in high school?
Classic quiet art kid, which might be hard to believe considering how loud I am now. 


What inspires you? 
I feel like everything in my daily life inspires me in some way. I don’t particularly go looking for inspiration. I’ll just be going through my daily routine when something will jump out at me and get my brain going.


What is your favorite movie?
Spirited Away


If you had just one box for all of your belongings, what would you put in it? 
How big can the box be? If we were talking a small box, then I’d probably put my phone, laptop, grandma’s wedding ring, and a few essential clothes. 


If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
If I had the option, I don’t think I’d ever stop moving. There isn’t one specific place that I’ve found that has called out to me just yet. I love Chicago because it’s close to family, but something tells me that there’s a great place out there I just haven’t explored yet.                                                         


Thanks Kristen!! Look out for someone special next month! 



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