Postcards to Haugaard: #5

September 2, 2016

See what our designer, Kelly, has been up to this week...


Postcards to Haugaard: #5


"Blogging from Seville, Spain while enjoying some sangria and tapas!

Seville (one of the most colorful cities I've ever seen!) is where brightly colored tiles and ceramics used in construction originated from. It was then adopted by the rest of Europe for use in buildings and design. While being surrounded by all of this beauty, I've noticed that it is impossible to feel anything but happy here (even in this 95 degree weather!) I think it has a lot to do with all the bright colors and elaborate patterns.

Color and mood tend to go hand-in-hand. It's been said that McDonald's may have used red and yellow for their in-store marketing material because those colors tend to make people anxious and red can increase appetite, therefore causing people to eat a lot and then quickly leave. Today you'll notice McCafe's popping up everywhere and they seem to want their customers to relax, as they do in any other coffee shop, and stay for a longer period of time. You'll notice the color palette in a McCafe is much warmer, using browns and maroons, which tend to make people feel comfortable and calm. Color psychology can be an incredibly useful communication tool and is something we always consider in package design.

Here are some pictures of the amazingly colorful environment I'm currently surrounded by. I only have one more week to go so I'm soaking it all in!"




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