Postcards to Haugaard: #3

August 23, 2016

Kelly is halfway through her trip abroad! Below is the latest from her travels...


Postcards to Haugaard: #3


"Blogging from Edinburgh, Scotland!

Wow, time is flying by! Since my last post I have traveled to Prague, Vienna, Munich, and Edinburgh AND I've found a new love for hiking! Along with the many hikes I've gone on, I've also done several walking tours which has given me the opportunity to speak with locals about their cities and works of art. As I thought about all the fun and interesting things I've learned and what I should write for this post, I noticed a theme in the form of imitation. I immediately thought of Oscar Wilde's quote, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness". It was a great reminder that although it's wrong to copy someone's work, it's okay to be inspired by their work and add your own twist to it.


For example, Munich's Town Hall (a government building in the northern part of Munich, Germany) is only 100 years old but was built as a Gothic revival structure to look as though it was from the Medieval Gothic era. The detail was stunning! In Edinburgh, J.K. Rowling used the oldest and most expensive school, George Heriot’s, as inspiration for the Hogwarts school in the Harry Potter books. Rowling was actually inspired by many things in Edinburgh; in the Kirkyard Graveyard lies the gravestones of poet William McGonagall and esquire Thomas Riddle. (If you're a Harry Potter fan, you'll definitely know those characters!) It was another reminder that imitation comes in many forms. Some other examples I saw include the John Lennon wall in Prague, the Bridge of Love Locks in Prague, and the castle in the Bavarian mountains that Disney imitated in their movie Sleeping Beauty. None of these are exact replicas but you can see that imitation creates a domino effect of inspiration which makes for some amazing art. Check out the photos below and see for yourself!


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