Postcards to Haugaard: #2

August 11, 2016

As we previously mentioned, one of our designers, Kelly, is on a trip through Europe. She is sending us photos and notes from her travels, and telling us how the towns and landscapes inspire her as an artist. Below is the second installment of something we like to call "Postcards to Haugaard".


Postcards to Haugaard: #2


"Hi there! Blogging from Italy, where I am constantly being inspired and mesmerized by the mass amount of incredible art that surrounds me.

In the past week I have been to Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre, and Venice. Each city has continued to amaze me with the amount of history, art, complexity of each art piece, and enormity of each piece.

Just standing in a single room in one of the Vatican Museums, I was looking at more art than I've seen throughout my entire life! Every inch of the ceilings, walls, window panels, and doors had incredibly intricate paintings and detail all over them. The floors were all mosaic images and any wood paneling had carvings throughout the entire piece. In front of the artwork-filled walls, stood huge statues on top of even larger and heavier marble stands that looked similar to columns in the Colosseum. Looking from the outside, you'll notice that the entire building is made purely of art pieces. What a sight!

All of the Renaissance art that has been placed together has created cities and structures that tell hundreds of historic stories, not to mention has created stunning views! It has inspired me to think about what the "big picture" looks like when you step away but reminds me that even the smallest detail is what helps create that "big picture".

Below is a small selection of buildings and art that I have been staring at for the past week. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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