Postcards to Haugaard: #1

August 4, 2016

One of our designers, Kelly, is on a 6 week trip through Europe. Along the way she will be sending us photos and notes from her travels, and telling us how the foreign towns and different landscapes inspire her as an artist. We're calling this blog post series "Postcards to Haugaard".

Postcards to Haugaard: #1

"Blogging from Reykjavík, Iceland!
Fun fact about the name: when translated Reykja = Smoky and Vík = Bay. The story goes that the first person to find Iceland, Ingólfur Arnarson, saw what was actually steam from the volcanoes but thought it was smoke from a fire. Naturally, he decided to name it Smoky Bay!

It is unbelievably beautiful here and incredibly expansive. Most think Iceland would be covered with ice but it is actually very green, and because I am here during the summer (temperature is mostly in the mid 50s), the mountains don't have much snow on them. I took a tour of the Golden Circle (a popular tourist route in southern Iceland) and came back surprised that I didn't see much color! The exception was Kerid, a volcanic crater with a touch of red and blueish green water.


However, downtown Reykjavík is quite the opposite and is filled with colorful buildings, decorative accents, vibrant flowers and incredible graffiti murals. The earthy views are amazing but I'm assuming the Icelanders needed some more color in their lives and decided to paint everything in sight! I appreciate that as a designer and also appreciate the skills that lie within the Icelandic artists as you'll see in my photos below...





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