what is our process?


It's not rocket science.

We could impress you with a "proprietary methodology"

but we would rather keep it simple.

At Haugaard,

we listen

and ask the right questions.

We pinpoint our clients' needs and identify their pain,

we explore

a range of targeted, practical solutions backed by research,

consumer analysis and trends, and then

we execute

our plan accordingly.

The "secret ingredients" are emotional intelligence and

learning to evolve with your clients – assets that

cannot be easily applied and what set agencies apart.

That's it. No fluff, no patent, no artificial ingredients.

We'll leave the next TM'd methodology to others.

Meanwhile, we'll keep doing what we've been doing

successfully for another 27 years.

Haugaard Creative

414 north orleans

suite 508

chicago, illinois 60654


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